Workshop #7

Planetary Boundaries: Interpretations, metrics and quantification for regional applications

The Planetary Boundaries (PBs) have been developed further and revised since their first publication in 2009. That process is set to continue for some time. Stringent and measurable control variables are still lacking for some PBs, so that the current status of the Earth system relative to those cannot be measured yet. In some cases, the global dimension of the respective boundary or the underlying processes, especially the nature and scale of impacts when boundaries are transgressed, is not yet fully clear. Further clarification, quantification and interpretation of interactions between different PBs and resulting Earth system dynamics are also required. This workshop discusses the state-of-the-art on selected PBs, ongoing scientific developments, and challenges for and gaps in their further conceptualisation and quantification


Dieter Gerten, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


Ingo Fetzer, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Benjamin Bodirsky, PIK
Georgina Mace, University College London, London
Michael McLachlan, Stockholm University

Guiding Questions

  • What are the most important knowledge gaps for each of the boundaries?
  • What does a transgression of (several) boundaries imply?
  • Is there a need to revise any of the boundaries?
  • What are the trends in terms of boundary transgressions?
  • What is required from Earth system science to address these questions?