Workshop #11

Planetary Boundaries for large Companies: Existing experiences, further potential

The Planetary Boundary concept has already resonated with several larger companies and is part of several corporate initiatives such as the One Planet Thinking Initiative and the Green Economy Coalition. Building on these experiences, the workshop focuses on success stories in applying the concept – creating business value while protecting the environment. The discussion will focus on how to accelerate the momentum and implications for CSR and footprint reporting as well as for risk and environmental management.


Jens Dinkel, Siemens AG


Gerben Meijer, ENECO
Andreas Streubig, Otto Group
Christina BĂ„ge-Friborg, Sandvik AB
Dr. Sophie Carler, Jernkontoret

Guiding Questions

  • How can LMEs apply the Planetary Boundaries concept – especially moving from a risk to an opportunity lens?
  • What is the value added of PBs for companies and what are potential barriers and approaches to overcome?
  • Which framework conditions (e.g. on non-financial reporting) would support accelerating action on PBs?