Workshop #4

Planetary Boundaries for SMEs: Starting points, added value, PBs for reaching SMEs

The Planetary Boundaries concept has implications for SMEs. As four out of nine identified boundaries have already been crossed (biosphere integrity, climate change, land system change, biochemical flows), the concept highlights risks for business operations, such as resource constraints, degraded ecosystem services, and implications for energy security. The concept also provides ways of quantifying these risks, potentially of use to SMEs. This workshop discusses the added value of the concept for SMEs, potential action areas for incorporating Planetary Boundaries into SME activities, and outlines potential next steps for disseminating the concept to SMEs.


Prof. Dr. Markus Große Ophoff, DBU


Daniel Weiss, adelphi
Patricia Eschenlohr, Landpack GmbH
Donald Müller-Judex, Solmove GmbH

Guiding Questions

  • For which purposes can SMEs rely on the planetary boundaries concept?
  • What are the main areas of action and next steps?
  • How can we disseminate the concept to SMEs?