Workshop #1

Building a coalition for the operationalization of planetary boundaries: Ways forward

The planetary boundaries (PBs) concept entails a global call to action: to use the opportunities of the safe operating space, to improve the use of natural resources and minimize pressure on the environment, to transform society and the economy for more sustainable development. This means it will also continue to be a challenging global research agenda. This workshop focuses on how to build an effective coalition between scientists, policy and decision-makers, civil society and the private sector, building on existing experiences and learning from previous “champions” of transdisciplinary sustainability. The workshop discusses environment and sustainability governance across scales, how to align different societal sectors and levels of governance with planetary boundaries science to co-generate action-oriented knowledge, and what the main fields of action and next steps for a global PB coalition are.


Sarah Cornell, SRC and Planetary Boundaries Research Network (


Paul Lucas, PBL

Frank Sprenger, Sustainable Impact

Vesa-Matti Lahti, Sitra

Damien Friot, Shaping Environmental Action

Guiding Questions

  • What are the next steps for a safe operating space coalition?
  • How can we better align all sectors of society and research?
  • How should we respond to current changes in the political landscape?
  • What barriers do we have to cross?